Born in Tokyo, Japan, 1953
Lives and works in Sri Lanka und in Tokyo, Japan

Masanori Toyoda was born in Tokyo in 1953. From 1976 to 1981 he studied at Frankfurt’s Städelschule under Professor Johann Georg Geyger. Masanori Toyoda lives in Sri Lanka, but regularly visits Germany and Japan. He works exclusively in Sri Lanka, which provides him with the calm and distance he needs. His works on paper require very little material – just a bit of acrylic paint, pencil and chalk. Each of the carefully placed elements of the composition consistently stands for itself, while together they find an airy coexistence. Each new addition to the lucid pattern is carefully considered in terms of its placement and particularity. The painter and sketcher consistently manages to turn a sheet of paper of moderate size into a bright and open space.

Volker Bauermeister