born in Hokkaido, Japan, 1953
lives and works in Seto, Aichi, Japan

Shozo Michikawa was born 1953 in Hokkaido, the most northern area of Japan. Michikawa studied at Aoyama Gakuin University from where he graduated in 1975. He initially had a career in business, but took up evening classes in art where he discovers his talent and passion for pottery. A few years later, Shozo Michikawa made the decision to give up his life in business and to focus on creating ceramics. He settled his base of ceramics activity to Seto, Aichi. His exhibitions are held widely in Japan and foreign countries like China, Phillipines, Mongolia, France, USA, and UK.

2017 the book „Shozo Michikawa. Ceramic Art“ was released by Arnoldsche Art Publishers.
2018 Shozo Michikawas ceramics were awarded the Bavarian State Prize at the International Trade Fair in Munich.