Hideaki Yamanobe “Light on Bright”

Podium Kunst e.V., Art Association Schramberg. 9.3.-25.4.2021

(photos: Podium Kunst, Schramberg)

Hideaki Yamanobe
Light on Bright
March 9th – April 25th, 2021

Podium Kunst cordially invites to visit the exhibition "Light on Bright" by Hideaki Yamanobe in the rooms of the castle from 09.03.2021.

The exhibition is open to the public on weekends by appointment only.
(Phone: 07422/29268, Monday - Friday, 8 am - 12 pm).

Invitation text:

Hideaki Yamanobe is not the kind of artist who takes his cue from day-to-day events. His work feeds too strongly off the fundamental issues specific to painting for that. At the same time, he most certainly does not produce his paintings in some kind of ivory tower of pure art. If now, in the midst of the Covid pandemic, overshadowed as it is by lockdowns and daily infection statistics, Yamanobe’s new images conjure up light and radiance, sending out a sign of hope of the kind that is only possible for art. And although he is still committed to the painting concept that he has been pursuing for many years, his latest work now focuses, even more than was previously the case, on the intrinsic luminosity that is radiated by his rectangular pictures constructed from numerous layers of acrylic paint. By initially subjecting us, the viewers, to a rigorous sensory deprivation, Yamanobe gains the attention and focus that is necessary for the process of taking in his pictures. Closely examining the pictures of Hideaki Yamanobe reveals that looking is not an objective or purely receptive process but is always partly determined by subjective feelings, memories and considerations. 
(Text: Peter Lodermeyer)

Podium Kunst e.V., Schloss, Bahnhofstraße 1, D-78713 Schramberg


February 24, 2021